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Virtual Concert Series: Dori Freeman

Virtual Live Concert |
Photo by Kristina LeBlanc

The Momentary is bringing artists LIVE into your home with our Virtual Live Concert Series! Enjoy dance parties to acoustic sessions by local, regional, and international artists every other weekend. This week, join us for an afternoon with Virginia-based singer-songwriter Dori Freeman who will be performing from her living room with her husband, drummer Nick Falk. About the show, Dori says: “We’ll be playing gospel, some old country covers, and a lot of my original material. Nick will switch between drums and banjo, and I’ll be on guitar and singing.” Tune in through the Momentary’s Facebook Live or YouTube Live to watch.

You can check out her new EP here.

About Dori Freeman:

Dori Freeman first broke out in 2016 with a stunning debut produced by Teddy Thompson and a sparkling voice that seemed to come from out of nowhere. Her songs were brittle, cracked, infused with heartbreak and seeming to speak for women everywhere, channeling Appalachian women in a way that harkened back to Loretta Lynn. NPR spoke of her “bruised sort of romanticism” and Noisey referenced her “heart-wrenching moments.” Freeman had written her first album on the heels of a failed relationship, a suddenly-single mother in a small town. There was a bitter taste in her songwriting that reflected the fiercely independent streak Appalachian women are known for and her own lack of patience for bullshit. Three years later, she’s now happily married (to drummer Nick Falk), and her new album, Every Single Star, released September 27, 2019 on Blue Hens Music (her second album on her own label after 2017’s Letters Never Read), features a very different perspective. She’s writing songs now for her new love, and for her daughter, as beholden as ever to the traditions that first inspired her as a young girl growing up in Galax, Virginia, but full of the same incisive eye for the human condition that’s always been her hallmark.

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