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Missing State of the Art 2020 Already? See It Again with a New VR Experience

State of the Art 2020 may be packing up, but its presence will remain long after it leaves the galleries. Crystal Bridges and the Momentary have created a virtual reality experience of the exhibition that will allow users from all over the world to interact with the exhibition digitally. Crystal Bridges has also acquired 31 artworks from 28 artists featured in State of the Art 2020.

Read more about the VR program and new acquisitions below.

State of the Art 2020 VR

State of the Art 2020 VR is a virtual version of the exhibition that allows the exhibition to live on long after it leaves the walls of the Momentary and Crystal Bridges. The project was led by Shane Richey, creative director of production at Crystal Bridges, and produced by Prisma.

In State of the Art 2020 VR, which is currently available at the link below, users can explore the galleries just as they would if they were visiting the Momentary or Crystal Bridges. Users are able to zoom in and out of artworks to explore details, read wall text, and see artworks in conversation with one another.

The virtual exhibition features audio recorded by the exhibition curators (Lauren Haynes, Allison Glenn, and Alejo Benedetti), providing information on the exhibition, art, and artists. A guided tour option is available that leads a viewer through the highlights of the exhibition.

State of the Art 2020 VR
Experience State of the Art 2020 VR today!

State of the Art 2020 VR can be experienced here.

“The great thing about VR is that while we move on to other exhibitions, people can come back and experience State of the Art 2020 again and again,” said Richey. “This VR tour is a historical timestamp for Crystal Bridges and the Momentary as well as for this moment in contemporary art. And at a time when we’re all still mindful of social distancing, everyone can interact with art, from anywhere around the world.”

State of the Art 2020 VR begins its early web launch this week, and will expand to a full launch (to include mobile [iOS] and VR [Oculus Store] viewing) in September 2020. It will remain live for the foreseeable future.

New Acquisitions

Crystal Bridges has acquired 31 artworks by 28 artists featured in State of the Art 2020 that will be added to the museum’s permanent collection.

Exodus (2019) by Suchitra Mattai is one of the State of the Art 2020 artworks recently acquired by Crystal Bridges.

“We are thrilled to welcome these 31 artworks to our collection to add to the unfolding story of American art,” said Lauren Haynes, director of artist initiatives and curator, contemporary art at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary. “The diversity of thought, materials, experiences, and topics represented in these artworks help us make sense of the complex times we live in. We’re excited to see the impact these artists and their artworks have on our visitors for years to come.”

A full list of the acquisitions can be found on the Crystal Bridges blog. A selection of these works will remain on view at Crystal Bridges through November.