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Momentary Recommends: Resources from Andrew Brott

Looking for indulging content? Momentary Recommends is a bi-weekly round-up of content, selected by a Momentary staff member. This week, enjoy a list of recommendations from Graphic Designer, Andrew Brott, including new book and TV recommendations, plus local places to visit!

Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep, 2017, Scribner.

What I’m Reading:

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

After about mid-March, during a time when I think everyone felt the struggle to keep a regular routine, I started to slip in and out of maintaining my usual sleep schedule. While worrying about it to a friend, she recommended this book. In Why We Sleep, author Matthew Walker, PhD covers interesting topics like dreaming, health benefits, sleep cycles, and much more. An easy recommendation to anyone who sleeps.

Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, 2019, Black Inc.

How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell

Shortly after reading Why We Sleep, I was gifted another lovely and timely book, How To Do Nothing. In it, author Jenny Odell highlights subjects like society, productivity, and art—all in their relation to what she calls the attention economy. Odell, through this well-written book, invites the reader into a more meaningful understanding of happiness and fulfillment. A joy to read in an ongoing search for mindfulness.

Image courtesy of Little Bread Co.'s Instagram page (@littlebreadco)

What I’m Buying:

Little Bread Co.

Little Bread Co. is my favorite place to get fresh bread in Fayetteville. My current routine is to wake up early on a Saturday morning, enjoy a leisurely bike-ride over to 116 North Block Avenue, savor a freshly baked turnover, croissant, or breakfast sandwich, and prepare for the week ahead by buying a baguette or loaf of bread. Little Bread Co. has been solid in their social distancing standards too—they have lots of delightful outdoor table space to safely enjoy a cool morning.

Image courtesy of Airship Coffee's Instagram page (@airshipcoffee)

Airship Coffee

Airship has been my favorite coffee place for a long time, and that hasn’t changed since the advent of working from home. Their Canister Club—a sustainable and less-wasteful way to get beans—is a dream. So is their outdoor patio area. With well-placed tables and umbrellas, an afternoon or evening outside Airship always feels safe and enjoyable. Plus, it’s right by the Momentary.

Image courtesy of Two Friends' Instagram page (@twofriends)

Where I’m Going:

Two Friends Bookstore

I learned about Two Friends Books as a frequent visitor to Airship Coffee, where they once had a corner pop-up store. Now, in their own location near Bentonville Square, they’ve had a chance to spread out, stock their shelves with more books, and even offer delicious sandwiches. They have my favorite curation of books of just about any bookstore I’ve ever been to. Couldn’t recommend this location more for the local book-lover.

Twin Peaks: The Return, David Lynch, Showtime.

What I’m Watching:

Twin Peaks

I’d never seen this show before, but I’d heard the hype, and I figured that during this, the weirdest, most unreal few months in most all of our lives, what better time was there to jump into this surrealist classic. It does not disappoint. Balancing themes of good vs. evil and the supernatural with sometimes campy, sometimes mysterious aesthetics, this show has been a great throwback to make the time go by.