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Momentary Recommends: Resources from Lauren Haynes

Looking for indulging content? Momentary Recommends is a bi-weekly round-up of content, selected by a Momentary staff member. This week, enjoy a list of recommendations from Director of Artist Initiatives and Curator, Contemporary Art at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary, Lauren Haynes, including a new book recommendation and places to shop!

"This Is What I Know About Art" by Kimberly Drew, 2020, Penguin Random House.

What I’m Reading:

This Is What I Know About Art by Kimberly Drew

I first met Kimberly Drew when I was working at the Studio Museum and it’s been amazing to see all that she does in the art and culture world (and beyond, really). I’ve been eagerly awaiting her book about her journey into art and activism and how the two are so closely linked for her. The book is geared toward teens and young adults so I’m excited to not only read this for myself, but to also buy a copy for my niece for her upcoming sixteenth birthday.

Limited Edition: Distorted earrings. Courtesy of

What I’m Buying:

Earrings from TAYLORNIKOLE

I’m obsessed with earrings, especially unique, beautifully designed earrings. A friend shared TAYLORNIKOLE’s website with me and I forced myself to only buy one pair (the Luna), but I will definitely be getting more. Her earrings are handmade so each pair is different and her collections are limited edition. Looking forward to her new collection “Form” being released soon.

Who I’m Following:

Black Owned Everything on Instagram (@black.owned.everything)

This Instagram account is run by Zerina Akers, a costume designer/wardrobe curator based in LA and NYC and is a directory of black-owned businesses. The businesses cover pretty much everything including ceramics to tea to masks to pet supplies to art. Businesses register themselves so more companies are added all the time.

Photo from Satori Rd's Instagram (@satori.rd).

What I’m Doing:

Looking at Plants from Satori Rd

I love plants, probably more than I should since I don’t always have the greenest thumb, so I was thrilled when Satori Rd opened a store in downtown Bentonville. Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time browsing their inventory online and thinking about all the plants I want.