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Need a Laugh? It’s A Proven Stress Reliever!


After all, laughter provides stress relief and a host of other benefits, even improving your immune system, so we’re monkeying around this April Fools’ Day with the best artistic #dadjokes our staff could come up with. Hope you enjoy!


What did Michelangelo say to the ceiling? I got you covered.


Why was the painting arrested? Because it was framed!


What did the artist draw before he went to bed? The curtains.


Why did the painter butter his toast on his fingers? To feel its texture.


What do you call a painting by a cat? A paw-trait.


What’s an Etch-A-Sketch artists’ worst nightmare? An earthquake.


Why did the artist cross the road? To see from the other side.


What is the most popular hairstyle at the Momentary? The Mo-llet


What did the painting say to the artist? Don’t use that tone with me.


What did Freddie Mercury ask the curator? Is this the still life, or is this just fantasy?


Cheesy Jokes

Given that our building used to be a cheese factory, we couldn’t resist making a few “cheesy” jokes as well. 


Where do cheeses go to meet other cheeses? The singles bar.


Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced? It had grater plans.


What did Shakespeare ask his cheesemonger? To brie or not to brie?