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Conjure Woman | Imani Uzuri

Performance |
The Tower (Interior)
Imani Uzuri, Conjure Woman. Photo by Michael Palma

Join us for a special performance of award-winning vocalist, composer, and past artist-in-residence Imani Uzuri’s immersive work Conjure Woman. An exploration and celebration of the African American archetype of the “conjure woman”, Uzuri’s solo, ritual performance in the Momentary’s Interior Tower will draw you in as the audience is invited to help create a space of healing and joy.

Free, no tickets required.


Conjure Woman explores and celebrates the archetype, iconography, and mythology of the conjure woman within African American culture, religion, and literature. Scholar Kameelah Martin writes: “A conjurer includes, but is certainly not limited to root workers, midwives, herbalists, persons born with a caul, or second sight, and others gifted with verbal or visual communication with the spirit world. The term conjure woman then, works as an umbrella term for the various forms of healing and spiritual practices with expressly African derivations.” For this intimate healing gathering, the audience will be invited to help Uzuri create a joyous communal tonal meditation as a sonic elixir for ourselves and for our world in a time of need.


Raised in rural North Carolina, Imani Uzuri is an award-winning vocalist, composer, experimental librettist, and improviser called “a post modernist Bessie Smith” by The Village Voice. She creates interdisciplinary works and performs at international venues and festivals. Her ritual performance was recently cited as one “with subtlety and vision” by The New York Times.