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In Some Form or Fashion


Discover In Some Form or Fashion, a new, free exhibition created exclusively by the Momentary.

Six contemporary artists transform the galleries with mixed-media artworks exploring the cultural implications of fashion. Together, they invite us to consider how the garments we purchase, wear, and dispose of shape our identities.

Embracing the unique architecture of the Momentary, the mixed-media installations will be on view throughout the building, creating a diverse and engaging exploration of the intersection of art and fashion while examining the role of consumer culture in our society.

In Some Form or Fashion is organized by the Momentary and curated by Kaitlin Garcia-Maestas, associate curator, with Taylor Jasper, curatorial assistant.

About the Artists

Pia Camil


Camil’s immersive curtains incorporate secondhand T-shirts manufactured in Latin America, discarded in the U.S., and later, re-sold in open-air markets in Mexico and Latin America.

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Martine Gutierrez


Gutierrez’s work subverts imagery from fashion, film, and advertising, referencing pop culture’s definitions of identity as well as race, gender, class, indigeneity, and culture.

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Eric N. Mack


Mack’s immersive installations featuring found clothing and textiles challenge how we perceive value and identity in materials based on setting or context. fames ac turpis

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Troy Montes-Michie


Montes-Michie draws inspiration from men’s fashion, namely the zoot suit, to reveal how clothes can both advertise and disguise aspects of race, class, and gender.

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Simphiwe Ndzube


Ndzube’s magical realist paintings, drawings, and sculptures consider new possibilities for being and becoming in post-apartheid South Africa. Lorem ipsum

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Wendy Red Star


Red Star’s multidisciplinary practice draws inspiration from personal memory, Indigenous ideologies, and historical archives to re-examine colonial structures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any concerns for guests with sensory sensitivity?
Martine Gutierrez’s installation in the Tower space includes flashing strobe lights. This may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Guests who have sensitivities to flashing lights or neurodiverse guests prone to sensory overstimulation should avoid or walk past this space. As you walk into the space past Gallery 1, veer to the right to enter Galleries 2 and 3.