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INVERSE Performance Art Symposium

Image of all INVERSE Symposium artists

After two years of performing online, INVERSE is back, live and in-person!

Join us December 11 and 12 as we host two days of performance, conversation, and connection. Built on a structure of collaboration and dialogue, the Symposium features solo and group performances by the 2021 artist cohort, composed of eight national and international artists. Artist-led and driven by the issues of the moment, INVERSE gives artists and audiences alike a unique opportunity to explore the expressive and transformative power of Performance Art.

Symposium attendees have access to the total INVERSE experience. You’ll be able to explore the full range of live indoor and outdoor performances, attend roundtable discussions led by the artist cohort and curators Emma Saperstein and Cynthia Post Hunt, and enjoy access to intimate performances in the Momentary’s RØDE House and Fermentation Hall. Now in its sixth year in Northwest Arkansas and its first year in-person at the Momentary, the 2021 INVERSE Symposium promises to be an experience unlike any other in the region. See you there!

Symposium tickets are $20 ($16 for members), register online or with Guest Services at 479.657.2335 to reserve your spot today.

Symposium tickets include drop-in entry for both days of the event, full performance access, and commemorative INVERSE 2021 tote bag.



10 am—6 pm | Momentary Campus

Enjoy drop-in, solo performances by Christian Cruz and Sandrine Schaefer throughout the Momentary campus. One-on-one performances by Siri Gurudev are available on a first-come, first-served basis to interested guests with advance sign up. Video performances by the full 2021 artist cohort will be shown inside the RØDE House throughout the day.    

10 am—6 pm              Christian Cruz             Durational Performance            The Tower (Interior)

10 am—6 pm              All Artists                     Video Performances                  RØDE House

2—5 pm                      Siri Gurudev                One-on-one Performances*      Fermentation Hall

2:30—5:30 pm           Sandrine Schaefer      Durational Performance            Momentary Green & Trail

*Performances begin at 2, 2:20, 2:40, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4, 4:20, and 4:40 pm

6 pm—10 pm | Fermentation Hall

Enjoy solo performances by artists Natacha Voliakovsky, Molly Joyce, Tuty Moreno Campos, Kyoung eun Kang, and Sylvain Souklaye in the Fermentation Hall. Start and end times for each performance are estimated. Short breaks may occur in between performances. 

6—6:30 pm               Sylvain Souklaye         Performance                              Fermentation Hall

6:30—7 pm               Tuty Moreno Campos  Performance                              Fermentation Hall


8—8:30 pm               Natacha Voliakovsky   Performance                             Fermentation Hall

8:30—9 pm               Molly Joyce                 Performance                              Fermentation Hall

9—9:30 pm               Kyoung eun Kang       Performance                              Fermentation Hall

*Fermentation Hall will be closed during the break to prepare for the next performance.


10am—6pm | RØDE House                          

Daytime events will be held in the RØDE House. Enjoy video performances by the full 2021 cohort throughout the morning, followed by a group performance and  roundtable discussion led by the artists.

10 am—1 pm             All Artists                     Performance made for video       RØDE House

2—4 pm                    All Artists                     Group performance                      RØDE House

4—6 pm                    All Artists                     Roundtable discussion                 RØDE House


Sandrine Schaefer, To Make Grievable (2021) | @abandonedtires

Animal lives are often positioned as inherently more killable than humans’ just by virtue of their species membership. This positioning renders the grief felt for animal death socially unintelligible. To Make Grievable resists this erasure by acknowledging the everyday violence enacted by the U.S. industrialized animal agricultural system. The building now known as the Momentary functioned as a cheese plant for Kraft Foods Company from 1947-2013. In To Make Grievable, Sandrine slowly builds a memorial to make visible the bovine lives lost to sustain Kraft Foods Company during its history on this site. In an outdoor location on the Momentary’s campus, this piece creates space to unthink and undo the conceptualization of cows as a commodity and extends grievability across species lines.


Molly Joyce, Perspective (2021) | @molly.joyce 

Perspective is an ongoing multimedia work featuring disabled interviewees responding to what access, care, interdependence, and more means to them. Past iterations of the project have been taken from one-on-one interviews with the interviewee and artist which are aurally recorded and then woven into the aural content of the piece (with my musical underscoring involving voice and vintage toy organ) and displayed visually via open caption videos, in order to underscore disability culture’s value of accessibility.

This iteration of Perspective will see a new experimental format undertaken. Audience members will be asked to text a response that will be read aloud via a screen reader and will feature my live underscoring. This undertaking therefore involves essential elements of accessibility, namely open visual captioning and screen reader voiceover, alongside live musical accompaniment to enhance and heighten the material.


Siri Gurudev, Medium 2.0 (2021) | @siri_gurudev 

This piece uses the devising technique of “transference” (Anthony Howell) as performance art methodology to create interactions between the performer and one participant. These one-to-one encounters explore channeled communication and avatar production to hold a 20-minute interaction into the unknown and the unexpected, the interstice of reality/fiction, life/art. Participants can choose between two options for interaction. They will be the avatar for me, the artist, taking a different identity than themselves for a brief period of time; or they will have me to be an avatar for them, and I will stand in front of them as someone else, someone they know but I don’t. In that state of “channeling,” we will talk and feel into the experiment. Choose your own adventure! No preparation or previous knowledge is needed; the artist will explain all details in situ.


Christian Cruz, Untitled (Brick Altar) (2021) | @christiancruzperformance

Untitled (Brick Altar) is an 8 durational performance installation created with materials specific to Arkansas. The installation is created with vintage bricks. The design and layout of the bricks are in relation to the architecture of The Momentary’s Tower (interior) space. The performer will  inhabit the installation and remain still, praying on their knees, with their head bent over their  clasped hands. The performance illustrates how a person can seemingly do “nothing” but indeed be doing something of great value. Similar actions include: thinking, remembering,  daydreaming…and more. The performer also takes pride in bringing a humble material such as  dirty, old bricks into the clean, new space of The Momentary. Praying inside The Momentary can be interpreted in different ways. Consider: “Why museums are the new churches,” (BBC,  2015) “Museums must go further if they want to be seen as ‘temples of the secular’” (Museums  Association, 2020)


Natacha Voliakovsky, State Control (2021) | @natachavoliakovsky

State Control is a performance created specific to Arkansas that proposes to expose the biopolitical regimes of regulation of our bodies in which we find ourselves immersed, making visible how our survival is in the hands of the decisions of the states.

In recent years, the right to abortion in the U.S. has been weakened by an increasingly restrictive panorama with hostile laws in several states, making access to this right difficult or almost impossible in many cases.

This performance exhibits the governmental control suffered by those of us who are more fragile and claims with an upright body and a message written in blood, under the silent cry of -For a state outside our bodies!-

Abortion laws are not about woman, abortion laws are not about the body, abortion laws are about capitalism.


Kyoung eun Kang, Care package IV (2021) | @kyoungeunkang_studio

Care package is an ongoing performance series Kang has developed over the last 14 years. This latest performance piece Care package IV opens as the artist enters the space carrying a care package from South Korea. This package, sent by the artist’s mother, is unpacked over the course of the performance, which incorporates poetry, sound, objects, and movement. Kang’s deeply personal performance invites the audience into the uniquely intimate relationship that has evolved between the artist and her mother over their period of long separation. As we continue to navigate the global pandemic, Kang’s highly relevant performance explores connection and family bonds across the chasm of physical distance.


Tuty Moreno Campos, Formed of fragments (2021) | @tutymorenocampos

Formed of fragments is a performance that shows the importance of noticing and responding to emotional states. Departing from anxiety, this piece presents exercises advised to control it, such as exercising, changing our point of view, and finding new ways of relaxing. All of which are executed as private rituals to avoid our bodies from collapsing.

The performer creates a dialogue between releasing anxiety and mastering patience. She presents a space of reconfiguration, for listening and revisiting our own image departing from rupture.


Sylvain Souklaye, Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted (2021) | @sylvain.souklaye

A collective performative journey and ritual process about separation and togetherness.
What changes are emerging from individuals inside a group after months of consciousness/unconsciousness of bodily and mental struggle?
What inner epiphany drove those visible/invisible changes?
How do those elements influence and transform intimate and collective linguistic?
When ‘going back’ is not an option, who and what are we becoming?
Is there someone inside? Can we rekindle with our former selves? What are the mental limits of digital emotions? Are we still here, grounded?
Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted is an ode and celebration of the unknown and absurdity.


Group Performance (2021)

The Group Performance is a laboratory where the artists will create live art images, actions, sounds, and rituals in situ, fluid and unapologetic. These interactions with one another will always be in response to the moment and with a sense of urgency. The artists will take their individual methodologies, make them transparent to each other, and create an interactive space of play and experimentation. For two hours, guests are invited to The 2021 INVERSE Cohort Happening, offering a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural performance dialogue.


Roundtable Discussion

The roundtable discussion will offer a unique opportunity and gathering together of the 2021 INVERSE Cohort artists, in discussing and offering insight into their symposium performances, artistic practices, and outlooks overall on the act of performance. The cohort’s origins span the U.S., Europe, South America, and more. Performance origins involve communal engagement, drama, music, visual art, and more. Through offering a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue involving their practices, the cohort members will seek to investigate how the act of performance can be inherently political, social, cultural, and ultimately powerful in its own right.

Additionally, the roundtable discussion allows audience members to engage directly with the cohort to ask questions and engage in further dialogue. While some of the cohort members’ symposium works are participatory, the roundtable discussion will give the opportunity for the public to join the ever-generative dialogue of investigating performance.


The INVERSE Symposium is the culmination of an eight-month online residency with eight national and international performance artists. The 2021 cohort and program were created in direct response to our 2020 year, what we learned, and how we grew, both as a platform and as a community of performance artists.

Designed to support a cohort of artists in their creative practice, the 2021 INVERSE program has been centered around our desire to build and uphold support structures for artists looking for community, critical feedback, and connection. We held out hope that we would be able to meet in person and to create a meaningful in-person gathering for both our artists and audiences.

Each artist in the cohort has a different Performance Art lineage, weaving their own history of ideas, methods, and forms from various genres of artmaking. The cohort is made up of artists coming from traditional artmaking forms of music, theatre, sculpture, photography, and painting, as well as forms of journalism, politics, and activism. Rather than limiting a concept to just one form, these artists are in constant interrogation of material, form, and gesture, resulting in a transdisciplinary, experimental, and often radical approach to the important issues of our moment.

The Symposium is the first time the cohort will come together in person to present a series of performances and conversations directly connected to and resulting from the past eight months.

Sponsored by  Whitney Kroenke Silverstein and Nick Silverstein.


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INVERSE is an artist-run, community-supported, inclusive performance art platform co-founded by Momentary Programmer, Theater/Dance Cynthia Post Hunt and Emma Saperstein. INVERSE strives to foster local dialogue about performance art on an international scale and build a community of performance artists and supporters, providing opportunities for performance work to be cultivated in the community. The annual INVERSE Performance Art Festival began in 2016 and has been warmly received in its two host locations: Northwest Arkansas and San Luis Obispo, California.

In 2020, the Momentary hosted the first Virtual INVERSE Performance Art Festival with artists working in material, movement, and time-based practices. The three-day, multi-platform digital festival presented a series of performance works and introductory conversations with artists that explored concepts in our collective 2020 experience, such as shifting identities, intimacy and vulnerability, public and private space in the digital sphere, and activism.

Per the CDC’s updated guidelines, we are now requiring all guests ages 2 and up and staff to wear a face covering indoors and while attending outdoor programs, except while eating or drinking. Masks will be available upon entry for those who do not have one.