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Momentary Travel

Momentary Tower Sunset

Come travel the world with us exploring art! Our member travel program offers you the chance to explore major art destinations with fellow members and Momentary leadership.

Check back for exciting 2021 travel updates coming soon.

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A deposit or the full travel fee is required to confirm your spot on the trip. If a trip is at capacity, a waitlist will be created. You can pay via the form online, by mailing a check, or by calling our development team.

Travel Arrangements
Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, including airfare and hotel stays, for each destination. The Momentary will provide hotel options and rates in each destination, but you do not have to stay at the suggested hotel(s). Programming will begin and end at a formal meeting location each day, and you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the meeting location. For each program, the Momentary will provide a travel liaison that will help you book hotel rooms and make arrangements. You are not required to make arrangements through the liaison.

How do I know what day to fly out and what day to return for multi-day trips?
We’ve learned that when possible, you should fly in a day before the itinerary begins and fly out the day after it ends. If you’d like to extend your stay before or after those dates, please do.

What is included in my/our travel fee?
Great question! All meals included on our itinerary, any entrance costs, associated tour costs, and group transportation, by land or sea.

I’ve paid my/our travel fee, what happens next?
We are excited that you are joining us. You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your fee. Our development team will be in touch with more details on our program and itinerary. We will also put you in touch with our travel liaison to book your hotel room, if you so choose to use our partner. You will receive your itinerary for the program 6-8 weeks before the start of the trip, if not before.

Sometimes things happen outside of your control and ours, too.
We know plans change and you may need to cancel your trip. For more details on our refund policy please email

Sometimes things happen outside of our control, too. Should circumstances necessitate a change of plans, similar activities will be arranged on our itineraries. In the unlikely event that the Momentary needs to cancel any trip, all payments will be fully refunded.

Traveling can take a lot of planning and I have more questions. Who can I reach out to?
Please contact  or (479) 418-5789.

What else should I know?
By providing a deposit, the traveler agrees to not hold the Momentary and all of its employees free of any and all responsibility for damages to persons and property incurred while participating on this trip. The Momentary is not responsible for extra expenses incurred by delays, changes in travel plans, sickness, weather, or other causes beyond its control.

Endurance Level
Travel experiences with the Momentary are planned to be short but meaningful. Our trips can include extensive walking, use of public and private transportation. Travelers should be physically fit and comfortable with longer days of touring (both walking tours and coach time) or who have been cleared for physical activity under a doctor’s care and approved for long-distance travel.


The mission of the Momentary is to champion contemporary art’s role in everyday life. Our travel program includes unique experiences that may awaken your imagination, deepen your understanding of the past, present, and future and at times provide opportunities to challenge your perception about contemporary art. We ask for open hearts and minds, universal respect for staff and other patrons, and the ability to have empathy as we explore creativity and new perspectives on local, national, and global levels. In this professional and collaborative spirit, the Momentary does not tolerate comments or behavior towards artists, hosts, staff, or fellow travelers that are not reflective of these values. We reserve the right to withdraw invitations to travel with the museum to any individuals who do not exhibit these shared values.