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Albuquerque | Pop-Up Powwow

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Join us as we share and celebrate the power of communities in performance! We invite you to gather among artists and thinkers from across America’s distinctive cultural landscape as a part of the Live in America Festival.

Pop-Up Powwow is presented by the Pueblo, Diné, Hopi, and Apache Nations of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in partnership with Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island.

Community logo by Upton S. Ethelbah III
ABOUT Pop-Up Powwow

Intergenerational Two-Spirit/Indigi-Queer artists gather in space, time, and spirit to share and practice both traditional and contemporary expressions of new ritual, healing, and celebration.

Pop-Up Powwow amplifies the powwow experience as an Indigeneous cultural asset by re-establishing Two-Spirit/Indigi-Queer people to a respected, visible place within the community. Within this event, we will explore the relationship and connection between contemporary and traditional artistic expression, as well as the inclusion and involvement of Indigenous youth, elders, and everyone in between.

As friends and relatives celebrate and gather, we invite you to Come To The Circle.

Free, reservation required. Register online or with Guest Services at 479.657.2335.

Learn more about this program, artists, and the Albuquerque community here.



The Live in America Festival is a free, two-week-long festival of live performance and cultural practice featuring more than 300 artists from a diverse array of communities across the US, its territories, and Mexico. Admission is free for all festival events, but reservations are required. For more information on festival events, please see our FAQ.

Live in America is a project of Fusebox (Austin, Texas). The 2022 Live in America Festival has been developed in partnership with the Momentary. Supported by the Walton Family Foundation, Cox Communications, Visit Bentonville, Whitney Kroenke Silverstein and Nick Silverstein, Sybil Robson Orr, Sarah Simmons, and Olivia Tyson.